When Can You Get an Extended Warranty?

by | Nov 2, 2020

Before we talk about when can you get an extended warranty, let’s talk about some important facts about what exactly are extended auto warranties or extended truck warranties and do you even need them especially on a new car or truck?

What Exactly Is an Extended Warranty?

An extended warranty is a type of vehicle service contract that covers repairs on your car once the manufacturer’s warranty expires. Usually, the warranties from the factory for new cars last a few years or a certain number of miles. After that the owner accepts the risk if something should need repair in the future. Having a vehicle service contract protects you from that situation.

Does a New Car Need Extended Coverage?

So, do you need extended coverage on a new car which already has protection against repairs upon purchase? The following are some good reasons to consider an extended warranty on a new car that can help protect your car, your wallet and of course, yourself.

Extended Warranties Can Be Tailored to Meet Specific Needs

Typically, manufacturer’s warranties are plans that have preset prices. Buying an extended warranty from a third party such as AA Auto Warranty or Patriot Warranty, allows you to modify the coverage for protection where the manufacturer’s warranty doesn’t. Research the common repairs and the reliability of your car to be certain your vehicle service contract covers those issues. Keep in mind that you can budget your payment on your extended warranty, which would most likely be more manageable than the cost of repairs.

New Car Technology Covered with an Extended Warranty

Every year new cars have more technology with computer systems and electronics becoming more and more intricate. If one of these components fail, the expensive can break your bank to fix it. This is one of the main reasons people choose to have an extended auto warranty.

When Can You Get an Extended Warranty? 

If you are going to purchase an extended auto warranty for a new car, it would depend on who you want to provide the coverage. Typically, manufacturer’s want you to purchase it prior to the factory warranty expires. That only gives you a short time to decide.

Warranties bought by a third party like the ones mentioned above, allow you to purchase whenever you want to and will cover certified pre-owned vehicles as well as both new and used cars, even those that have more than 100,000 miles.

It’s probably best to buy right before the other one expires. This will afford you the best price and you will not have any gap in the coverage.

After figuring out what kind of protection you want for you car and what your budget is, next you will need to find a reputable company that you can trust. Consumers need to do their research for each option before signing up. Just know that you have options for better coverage and pricing available to you outside of the dealership. Don’t get caught up with the sales tactics, do your own research!

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