Car Warranty / Why You Need One

by | Nov 2, 2020

The chances of you not having an extended auto warranty are pretty good according to a survey that showed a majority of drivers don’t. If you your factory warranty has expired and you don’t have an extended warranty, now what happens when you don’t have a car warranty to cover the repairs on your car?

The surveyed consumers that had warranties, more that 50% stated they definitely benefitted from having one in the last year alone. So why don’t more people have a car protection plan when so many see the value and have benefitted from it within a year?

According to the survey, there were a few main barricades stopping them from purchasing a car warranty such as not enough time to purchase, didn’t think they needed one and cost.


Many people think warranties are very expensive and they probably could not afford one. That’s not always the case! Of course, there are plans that are expensive, especially buying from the dealership. However, there are many different third-party warranty and vehicle service contract companies such as Endurance Auto Warranty or Patriot Warranty that are designed to fit your budget. Also, some of them allow monthly payments to make it even easier. Another fact that consumers forget is that the savings on a couple of car repairs could pay for the cost of the entire warranty plan!

Don’t Think I Need One

Of course, you are the only one that really knows what you need, right? However, there are many reasons why consumers like you may really need or want a car warranty. What do you do if your breaks down and the repairs are in the thousands? This is something that happens at some point to everyone. Are you prepared to pay for it? Would you have to use a credit card, borrow the money or use your savings? How about if you need to get your car to a repair shop? Can you pay for the help you need right then and there? Do you worry about things that you are not financially able to deal with? Having a vehicle protection plan or an extended warranty would be able to help you with all those situations.

No Time to Buy

We all get how much time is spent buying a car at a dealership. We certainly don’t want to spend even more time hearing about extended warranties; we just want to buy the car and drive it home. Well, the good news is, you don’t have to purchase it right then or even from the dealership. You can always buy a protection plan from a reliable independent source any time after you purchase your car.

We hope that after reading this article, you no longer have barricades in buying a car warranty and can see the benefits in having one.

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