Benefits of Extended Auto Warranty

by | Oct 27, 2020

Thinking about the benefits of extended auto warranty? Trying to decided if it’s worth it? It can protect against repairs that come up unexpectedly and provide coverage that the manufacturer warranty may not cover.

We tend to think that an extended auto warranty may not be necessary. However, when the manufacturer warranty expires, what then? You will definitely be left responsible to cover the costs.

An extended car warranty is an additional cost that provides additional coverage offered to consumers by car manufactures as well as aftermarket companies. Typically, new and used cars come with some kind of warranty. However, purchase extended auto warranty and continue to cover auto components once the manufacturer’s warranty expires, which will find liberty from repairs.

Five Benefits of Extended Auto Warranty

  1. Peace of Mind

If you own a new or used car, extended warranties are a great solution for those needing extra coverage or for those that cannot afford the expenses of unexpected car repairs, labor and replacement parts without having an extended car warranty.

Buying an extended car warranty, from an industry leader such as CarShield can help eliminate your anxiety and protect you against high cost auto repairs.

  1. More Flexible

Manufacturer’s auto warranties typically require you to take your car to a certain dealership for repairs. While, extended auto warranties allow you to bring your car to any repair shop that is authorized.

Buying an extended warranty from a third-party company allows you to shop around for the best price and discover affordable coverage.

  1. Extended Warranties Cover Any Vehicle

Manufacturer’s warranties come with the purchase of you new or used car, where as extended auto warranties come at an extra cost. This is what makes people think, “Do I even need an extended car warranty?”

If you own a BMW or a Mercedes, the parts are going to be much more expensive, so a Mercedes or a BMW extended warranty could save you thousands. One component for a BMW could cost more than $2,000, which is probably more than the extended warranty cost.

  1. Value in Resale

For a nominal fee, extended auto warranties are transferable. This means that you can offer the new owner vehicle protection. Although they may not pay extra for the car because of the added protection, it can influence prospective buyers to choose your car over someone else’s that doesn’t have vehicle protection.

  1. Further Benefits

Further benefits of auto warranties are rental cars, trip protection, towing, roadside assistance and of course affordable payment plans.

Buying an automobile is probably the second largest purchase you will make, so keep your peace of mind and purchase an extended auto warranty, it is well worth it!

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